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Custom Surface Services

We do custom stains and designs for new unfinished hardwood, cork or concrete floors that have to be “finished in place”. It takes more time and makes more of a mess than installing pre-finished materials but the result is you will have a unique, one of a kind, custom floor that can’t be found on any store shelf.

On Site Stain and Finish

We precision stain to your exact color choices. The process consists of three steps which generally take three days to complete.

  • Day 1 Surface preparation.
  • Day 2 Staining.
  • Day 3 Sealing.

Go Pro With Double N Carpets

Raw surface preparation processes are highly labor and skill intensive. Untrained novices should not attempt power sanding new hardwood floors or applying and neutralizing concrete surfaces with an acid bath. Cork is resilient, flexible flooring and has water repellant properties which makes it perfect for kitchens but
requires special finishes for these types of applications.

Multiple step staining processes call for the skills of an artisan. Double N Carpets has the expertise to take your new floor to the level of a giant custom work of art. Just call 770-845-4303 today!

Full 1yr Warranty

  • Full 1 Year Warranty
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  • This offer never expires.
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