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Planning your installation is easy with Double N Services. Schedule a consultation to discuss your project today. We Can Help You Find Flooring to Fit Your Budget and Your Life. We are professional independent installers. We know industry quality standards and manufacturer guidelines and can give you unbiased information on any type of flooring including cork, bamboo and linoleum.

We can help you make informed decisions regarding each aspect of your flooring purchase including:

  • Selecting the best type of flooring for your  rooms, your home, and lifestyle.
  • Developing a budget that includes the cost of the product, floor preparation, and professional installation.
  • Call 770-845-4303 with any questions, concerns or feedback during or after your project.

We take detailed measurements, provide a project estimate and schedule installation appointment during
the site visit.

Prepare your home for installation.

  • Remove all small items starting with breakables, antiques and heirlooms.
  • In bedrooms, strip beds and remove all items from the tops of furniture and bottoms of closets.
  • Disconnect any appliances, stereo, TV's in the rooms.
  • Set the temperature in the house to 69 degrees, 24 hours prior to installation.

General installation steps for all new flooring:

Sub-floor preparation: Old flooring may need take-up and removal and the subfloor underneath may need preparation before your new flooring is installed. Is your foundation wood or concrete? Is it level and in good shape?

Doors are usually removed and replaced for installation. They may also require trimming for clearance.

Moldings: Replace or update moldings, wall base and toe kick guards if you want to or coordinate them with your new flooring. They will need to be removed and replaced for installation anyway.

Transition Molding is Tricky.
Molding for transition from one flooring material to another does not always get the attention it needs since it is the last step of your installation. That is, until you walk squarely on or stumble over a threshold that is too narrow, too high, has sharp-edges, splinters or nails. Check for comfort of metal or any other thresholds, before installation by testing it with your bare feet. At Double N Services we set all nails, fill all and countersink all screws to eliminate any potential hazard.

Inspect your project carefully once installation is complete and enjoy your beautiful new home.

Full 1yr Warranty

  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • On All Residential Installation Services
  • This offer never expires.
  • Minimum purchase required.

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