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Why do people love carpets? That's easy – they make a room cozy and comfortable. Installing carpets? Not so easy. If carpets grew like grass all you would need to do is sow some seeds and mow it. Correctly installing carpeting in your home, however, may involve replacing or repairing sub-floors, minimizing and hiding seams, matching surface transition heights and using specialized tools to do it. Good News! Just go pro with Double N Services. We do the work and do it right the first time.

We can give you unbiased advice on comfortable Cut pile carpets, including soft Saxony, trackless Textured, curly Frieze, and luxurious Cable. If you need carpet that stands up to high traffic we'll review the best Berber and other loop pile carpeting with you.

Your carpet padding is important. Sitting on a wood or concrete bench in the park is not very relaxing.Putting a coat or sweater on it still won't make it feel like a couch. Investing in thick quality padding will not only make your new carpet softer thicker, and more inviting it can also:

  • Prevent your carpet from matting and crushing so it lasts longer.
  • Add ventilation between the fibers and the floor.
  • Make vacuuming easier.
  • Help protect the floor or sub-floor beneath it.

Go Pro With Double N Carpets
Steps for Expert Installation:

  • Old carpet uptake and removal:
  • Install tack strips
  • Install carpet padding
  • Roll out the carpet leaving wall overlap and fitting corners
  • Join and seal carpet seams according to seaming diagrams
  • Attach the Carpet to tack strips with knee kicker.
  • Trim excess with wall trimmer and carpet knife.
  • Stretch it out with the power stretcher or use knee kicker in tight spaces.
  • Trim and tuck the carpet at each wall under the baseboard using the stair tool.
  • Secure the carpet at doorways using transition molding.

Once your new carpet is groomed, doors re-hung, and furniture moved back; all you need to do is enjoy your new floors.

Full 1yr Warranty

  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • On All Residential Installation Services
  • This offer never expires.
  • Minimum purchase required.

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